About The CRM Team.

A team that has your back!

As a cloud CRM software partner, we believe that technology adoption is easier when you have a supportive team helping you.

At the core of our values, is that we need to implement the best possible solutions for our clients, not what is best for us. Which is why we partner with a range of CRM Solutions to ensure that we match the best technology to suit the budget for our clients.

We don’t claim to be perfect and flawless with our project delivery – because we are not robots. What we will provide is a cloud setup that is an enjoyable process, keeping you well informed at every stage of your transformation.

What our clients are saying...

The CRM Team have been instrumental in improving our operational efficiency. Where we previously needed 10 people to run our various customer service processes, we were able to scale this back to 4 and get our smartest people helping to grow the business.


Being terrified of technology, I was hesitant to decide on which CRM system to go with and felt pressured in to signing up for a CRM by the software companies. On chatting to The CRM Team, they helped me understand what our business requirements were before deciding.


Our team lives, eats & breathes innovation.

At the heart of what we look for in new team members is a passion for innovation, natural problem-solving abilities and a desire to learn new things.

Krys S.

The Sales Guy

Maria C.

Customer Success

Kris H.

Salesforce Guru #1


CRM Guru #1


Resident Web Developer


CRM Guru #2


Zoho Guru #1


All Round Legend

Paulo G.

Salesforce Guru #2


The Support Guy

Paolo M.

Specialist Web Developer


CRM Guru #3

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